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Non-Standard is aword that means 'non-standard'. We try to make products beyond the standard that everyone thinks.
We planned the product so that when you receive the actual product, you can feel it's better than you think.
It is Adenbike's top line product and uses appropriate materials and patterns to help you enjoy riding in the best condition.
We upgraded and released Non-Standard Long Jersey 2, which was loved a lot.
The fabric of the body, back, and armpits is different, making it easier to discharge sweat.
Overall, the body is made of ultra-lightweight material with good elasticity to maximize adhesion and movement during riding, and maintains pleasant riding with a cold fastball.
BORGINI imported fabric is used on the armpits and upper back, so it is breathable and can be worn coolly.
Silicone treatment is applied to the bottom of the back so that you can move more freely during riding without going up.


01. It is equipped with the finest YKK zipper, so it feels good to use.
02. It uses ergonomic three-dimensional patterns to provide the best fit when riding.
03. Sweat is excellent using BORGINI imported fabric with good elasticity in the armpits and upper back.
04. There is a reflection function on the back to protect the safety of the rider.

ULTRA LIGHT FABRIC: It is made of ultra-lightweight material and has good sweat absorption using fast-drying functional yarn, and is quickly dried to provide a pleasant environment when riding.
BORGINI FABRIC's import fabric.