It's a long jersey made of thin and lightweight fabric that you can wear in the most various seasons.

Using lightweight materials that are easy to sweat out by making the body plate and back armpit fabric different, you can experience a comfortable and moderate adhesion during riding.

Depending on the monitor's environment and brightness, there may be some difference in color from the actual product.

High Gauge Poly 50/72 Span
The ultra-lightweight high-gauge fabric used as the main fabric of the jersey is flexible, sweat-exhausted, and dries quickly using functional yarn. Full-dull Yarn provides a good color sense and a cool touch.

Small Dot Fabric
It provides Bright Yarn, has a good sweat drain through small dots, and is a material for absorbing conditions. Suitable for use as jersey main fabric.
Diamond Fabric
It is a diamond-shaped mesh fabric with ultra-lightweight fabric. It has excellent sweat emission and is used as an underarm or inner fabric.

01. Lightweight material with good elasticity is used.
02. Reflective reflection function on the back protects rider safety.
03. Use mesh fabric for armpits and parts to relieve sweat.