DRIED FLOWERS started work with hints from dried flowers all over our house.
The natural color and the subtle long-lasting scent matched the clothes I wanted to make.
It's released in different graphics and colors, and it's easy to stick to the body in the riding position due to various fabric use and waistband changes.

High Gauge Poly 50/72 Span
The ultra-lightweight high-gauge fabric, which is used as the main fabric of the jersey, is flexible and uses functional yarn to release sweat and dry quickly. Full-dull Yarn provides a good color and a cool texture.

Small Dot Fabric
Bright Yarn is provided, and it is a material that exudes sweat well through small dots and absorbs moisture. Suitable for use as a jersey main fabric.

Hexagon Fabric2
Compared to Hexagon Fabric, the fabric is heavier and sweatier and cooler. It has excellent adhesion and excellent elasticity. It is used on the upper arm of the jersey or on the back and where sweat is needed.

Diamond Fabric
It's a diamond-shaped mesh fabric made of ultra lightweight fabric. It has excellent sweat discharge and is used as an armpit or inner fabric.