For a comfortable fit, it has been changed to a thinner and more comfortable waistband.
Various tissue mesh fabrics are used to dissipate sweat and distribute excessive heat from the body.

CCV means command C, command V, or copy paste, and is a design made using patterns that repeat the same shape.
It is a product of a style that has been steadily releasing since the beginning of the brand and it has been released in various shapes and colors this season.


Small Dot Fabric
It provides Bright Yarn, has a good sweat drain through small dots, and is a material for absorbing conditions. Suitable for use as jersey main fabric.

Diamond fabric
It is a diamond-shaped mesh fabric with ultra-lightweight fabric. It has excellent sweat emission and is used as an underarm or inner fabric.

01. Using mesh fabric from various tissues, it is good for sweat dissipation and heat dissipation.
02. Reflective reflection function on the back protects rider safety.
03. Siliconize the waistband to prevent it from drying up during the ride.